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Here at Mountain Lodge Hotels Ltd./Alpes Adventures Ltd. we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us.

Any policy updates will be published on the website for your to visit at any time. Current version: 5 June 2018


1. The type of information we collect

We collect and store personally identifiable information such as name, address, email address and telephone number which you enter on our website, provide over the telephone, face to face at an event or on a third party internet accommodation booking engines such as, Expedia or Siteminder. We collect and store other information provided at the time of booking relevant to our product services we provide such as dietary requirements, medical alerts and ages for lift passes.


2. What we use this personal information for

We collect personal information for the following purposes:

  1. To provide and operate the services we offer.

  2. To be able to contact you with information and promotional messages regarding our services.


3. How we store your personal information

The personal information you provide to us is stored on our systems using secure fully managed servers and any copies (i.e. backups) of your data are fully encrypted. Data transmission is also ‘A’ grade encrypted, so you can be assured every precaution is being taken to protect your information.

Our servers security includes:

  • Fully managed servers

  • Weekly updates for all packages to ensure servers receive important updates

  • Immediate updates for any new high threat vulnerabilities

  • Firewall

  • ‘A’ graded SSL protecting encrypting communications

  • Fully encrypted backups

Third party internet accommodation booking engines such as, Expedia or Siteminder will have their own privacy policies of which we advise you to refer to.


4. Who we share your information with

Relevant information you provide may be shared with hotel staff, transport providers (including third parties), medical and in-resort services to ensure that we provide the best service possible and cater for your specific acquirements and needs. For example:

  • Information such as dietary requirements, medical alerts and your name are shared with the hotel.

  • Information such as name, telephone number and email address will be passed on to other parties involved in the services we offer such as airport transfers and ferry crossings.

  • Information such as name and age will be passed on to the lift pass office in relation to pre-ordering and purchasing your ski lift pass.

  • Information such as name, vehicle registration and telephone number will be passed on to the car parking services at Watford for security reasons.

No information will be pasted on to any third parties that is not involved in the products and services we provide unless requested by a legal enforcement agency, such as custom officers, according to relevant local regulations.


5. How we communicate with you

We will communicate with you about your booking and our products and services through the appropriate method. For example: by telephone for matters regarding your current or potential future booking, by email for newsletters, booking itinerary, invoice and third party airport transfer companies, and by post for an annual brochure.

Your email and postal address may be used to send you information regarding our products and services. Your email may be used to contact you regarding a survey/questionnaire about our product and services. 


6. How you can opt out from any communication from us

You can opt out from our eNewsletter by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

You can opt out of postal mailing list or product survey/questionnaire email list by contacting us on  + 44 1727 866177 or emailing 


If you would like to: access, correct, amend or delete any personal information we have about you contact us on + 44 1727 866177 or email 


7. Website cookies and other tracking tools

We use software tools to measure and collect session information such as page visits to websites and opening statistics on eNewsletters.

We are not responsible for the content and cookie/statistic data collected on any other website links we provide or third party internet accommodation booking engines such as, Expedia or Siteminder.


8. Website and social media

We may link news stories via posts on external websites such as Facebook. We will not disclose  any full names on these posts. By making a booking with us you are providing us full rights to use any photographic or film material taken of you in these news stories.

If you provide us with any photographic or film material, or comments about your stay with us, you are providing us full rights to use them on our website or in our eNewsletter or brochure. We will not disclose your full name.


9. Personal responsibility

We collect relevant personal data only and will make every effort to protect your privacy, however they may be internet security circumstances which are outside of our control including personal information collected by third party internet accommodation booking engine such as, Expedia or Siteminder who will have their own privacy policies of which you must refer to. We ask you then to consider the personal information you provide is given in the full knowledge of the security risks.

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